Guitar Hero – Tyler Hill and Colton James


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Helix Studios presents Tyler Hill and Colton James in “Guitar Hero”. Release Date: September 20, 2016. Video Duration: 20 Minutes. Let’s look at boys!

Strolling through the park the adorable guy Tyler Hill sees very sexy new comer Colton James strumming the guitar. Tyler goes right up and starts chatting with the guy. Of course Tyler’s thinking “If this guy can play the guitar this great imagine what he could do to my dick!”

Once the boys get back to the apartment Colton’s magical hands get to work on Tyler’s young and beautiful body. Showing off his own musical talent, Tyler plays a little skin flute on Colton’s massive member. Tyler’s moaning is music to our ears when Colton tongue fucks his tight as a drum bubble butt.

Tyler’s ass is so wet and begging to be fucked. Then Colton dives dick deep inside and plays the tight boys ass just like his guitar. Hitting all the right notes with long deep strokes in every position, Tyler stays rock hard the entire time. Really! When Tyler backs up on it fucking himself we see he is got some good rhythm of his own. The climax is a symphony of seamen all over Tyler’s perky behind which Colton licks off and shares with his new friend in one sweet final kiss.

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