Home Made Twinks Nico Michaelson and Tyler Thayer


Home Made Twinks presents sexy boys Nico Michaelson and Tyler Thayer. Video Duration: 15 Minutes. Let’ look at twinks! You’ll find the hottest photos on www.boysv.com/nico-michaelson-and-tyler-thayer

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Forget all the boring celebrations and events, these cute twinks know what a real home video should be about. Really! Nico Michaelson and Tyler Thayer shoot their fun with a great combo of cameras, including hand held to get us right into the fun as they swap their hard young dicks in some delicious oral. Sexy Tyler is soon seeking out that amazing ass, and his boyfriend is happy to ride it too, quite literally as he ends up bouncing on that naked length and splashing his juice from his dick in the process. With Tyler soon on the edge he pulls his sweet cock out just enough to shoot his cream all over his friends tight hole.

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