Aiden Garcia and Sean Ford – Helix Studios

Helix Studios presents young gay boys Aiden Garcia and Sean Ford in “Selfie Seduction“. Release Date: October 13, 2016. Video Duration: 15 minutes. Don’t miss amazing condom free video on Helix Studios.

Self assured and super sexy boy Sean Ford is amazing and he knows it. Getting hot and bothered snapping a few selfies Aiden Garcia saunters up behind him to join in on the self love. Soon aggressive Garcia orders the golden boy to bend over immediately for an up close ass inspection. Using only his spit after a tongue punching taste test of Sean’s neither regions, horny Aiden plunges his big pecker all the way up in Sean’s tight ass. Really! Then naked Sean sits right down on Aiden’s boner and rides that horse dick like a jockey. Needing to dig a bit deeper Aiden flips Ford on his back and plunges away until both boys bust. Aiden’s extra cock crosses the finish delivering a huge cream pie photo finish to Sean Ford. Take a look the hottest photos!

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