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Helix Studios presents young guys Tyler Hill and Josh Brady in “Lifeguards: Wipeout“. Release Date: August 25, 2016. Let’s look at boys! Three horny lifeguards are patrolling a beautiful California beach when they cum upon sexy boy Josh Brady. Brady glances coyly at the trio as he changes into his wet suit right in front of them, just before taking off into the surf.

Then his two buddies head off to lunch, tan and toned Tyler finds himself left alone with beached Brady, passed out on the shore! He rushes to the surfers aid and begins mouth to mouth only to be met with beautiful Brady’s sweet tongue.  This is exactly the kind of scenario Tyler was fantasizing about when he signed up to be a lifeguard. Really! It’s amazing boys fantasy.

After a hot surfer who is so into him, he’d fake a wipeout just to score a kiss! Now it’s happening and all Josh Brady wants to do is fuck. As if things couldn’t get any better, pretty gay boy Brady has a big beast of a “surf board” and Tyler’s intends to ride every wave!

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