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8TeenBoy presents Jamie Ray and Bryce Foster in Puppy Love. Release date: December 1, 2017. Video duration: 27 minutes. Let’s look at boys!

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Jamie Ray and Bryce Foster

Young boy Jamie Ray is dog sitting and takes full advantage of the adorable pooch at the dog park knowing cute doggies are straight up dick magnets. Sexy blond twink Bryce Foster takes the bait and soon the gay boys are back at Jamie’s acting like dogs sniffin’ butts and licking their privates. Really! Both blonds are blessed with big boom sticks and get at one another like a dog with a bone.

Then Slut puppy Ray lifts his legs letting Foster tongue fuck his flawlessly smooth fanny. Lucky Bryce follows up nicely with his big bare bone, sliding his huge hammer in nice and slow au natural. The dirty boys flip flop and Foster hops on Ray’s raw rod for a ride. Very soon our pretty boy Bryce gets a good bounce going as his hard cock slaps against Jamie’s tight tummy.

Ray orders his new buddy onto his back, then serves the twink a nice banging complete with a hot hand job before wrapping his hands around Foster’s ankles and really going to town. Bryce can’t hold on any longer and looses his load, launching his liquid lust all the way past his pretty pink nips. The sight is hot as hell and happy Jamie shows he thinks so too with a huge amount of sticky appreciation that he rains down onto his new pet. The puppy lovers seal this amazing session with a delicious blond kiss.

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