A Big Fat F

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Dirty blond cutie Cade Russels comes home in a funk after getting a big fat “F” on his calculus test. Thank goodness tasty morsel Tristan Adler is there to help Cade and ease the pain by giving him an “F” of another kind. In no time, Cade’s mind is off calculus and on the crazy hot cock sucking Tristan and his talented tongue are delivering. Blondie’s own bone hunger heats up and he let’s tight bodied Tristan know he wants to gobble that knob of his.

Very soon Cade lays on the bed with that smooth alabaster ass in the air and inhales every inch of Adler’s apple headed hog. Tristan’s been working out; and, it definitely shows as he reaches back to finger his buddy’s butt. Russels’ rump is red hot and ripe for the dicking. The brunette beauty orders him around, ass in the air. Then, horny Adler gets to work! He buries his pretty face in the boy’s booty and throws in a few smacks for good measure. With a pretty pink hand brand on his right cheek, Cade backs into Tristan’s thick torpedo.

Lucky Adler puts his new taut twunk muscles to work, waxin’ that tight ass like a master as Russels’ big rig sways like a porny pendulum down below. After some delicious dirty dogging, Cade turns to kiss Tristan with his stiff staff at full mast which is absolutely massive! Naturally, Adler can’t resist hopping on the big, bareback bone and taking it for a sultry spin.Then, he hammers his hips down on that “D” hard as hell till his tally whacker craves another taste of Cade’s cock hungry caboose. He spreads the boy’s legs wide and whams his wide weapon deep into the dude while Russels’ head is thrown back off the bed, his blond locks swaying seductively with every thrust.

Then, his beautiful body tenses, releasing every oozy ounce of stress from his calculus test through his thick dick, splattering sperm all the way up to his shoulder! Adler joins the party and pours pure pleasure onto his buddy, turning a bad “F” into one mother fuckin’ hot fuck. Don’t miss the hottest video on 8teenBoy!

Tristan Adler and Cade Russels in A Big Fat F

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