Boarding School Secrets – Wake Up Failure

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Sexy boy Ethan Duval shares his boarding room with Enzo Lemercier, the school dunce. The two boys sleep peacefully when the alarm clock brings Ethan out of his sleep. He did not hear the previous alarms and he then jumped up, hastening to get dressed to go to class.

Ethan Duval and Enzo Lemercier

While putting on his trousers Ethan tries to wake up his young comrade who sleeps deeply. Naughty Enzo has no desire to get out of bed and even less for a math test. Ethan is almost ready to leave when Enzo drops the bed cover, then his boxer and shows his cute roommate his morning erection. How to resist a beautiful cock and the mischievous smile of Enzo?

Very soon Ethan joins Enzo in his bed and the two twinks kiss, caress and stripped. Nothing is better like a little blowjob to start the day. Really! Ethan applies to suck Enzo’s dick while Enzo starts playing with Ethan’s little ass that he will not fail to spank many times.

The tight hole of the young boy excites Enzo a lot and he starts to lick and play with it to expand it gradually. Enzo can no longer restrain himself and he pushes his cock in this narrow hole. Ethan moans loudly and Enzo sends all his power to pound this delicious little ass making Ethan screaming.

Enzo tries to quell the screams of his partner by putting his hand in front of his mouth but nothing works, for discretion it’s missed. Then our horny twinks are fucking wildly in bed and then standing against a piece of furniture. Enzo cum at first, in the mouth of Ethan who will feast on his sperm before cumming in turn.

Boarding School Secrets

More photos with Ethan Duval and Enzo Lemercier on Boys V – –  Boarding School Secrets – Episode 2 (Les Secrets de l’Internat – Panne de Réveil)

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