French Twinks – Crush

French Twinks – Crush is a web series following the adventures of a bunch of boys whose destinies intertwine between love, friendship, passion and betrayal against a backdrop of rock music and hot sex.

Fight and Seduction

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Enzo, the flirtatious dunce, Sam, the nerdy student and his lover Sacha, the sarcastic philosophy student, revise their lessons at Happy Twinks, the cafe next to the college where they usually hang out.

The three friends recently formed a rock band called the “Candy Boyz”, although the drummer left due to an argument with Enzo. Sam does not miss to challenge Enzo about it but Sacha calms things down by announcing to them that a new drummer should join them soon.

Since he was left by his boyfriend, young Valentin is totally depressed. He finds himself on the street, out of work and tries in vain to reach his ex. He drowns his sorrows in a milkshake, alone at a table at Happy Twinks.

Bastien and his boyfriend Leo meet in the locker room after their swimming training. Leo is annoyed when Bastien shows him dozens of messages his ex has sent him. To put an end to this harassment, Leo asks Bastien to formalize their relationship and although Bastien is a little lost in his feelings, he decides to prove his love to Leo and kisses him full on the lips …

Enzo spotted Valentin and despite his friends Sam and Sacha dissuading him from flirting with him at the sight of his depressed air, Enzo does as he pleases and will bring comfort to the lonely young man, with an idea behind his head…

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Crush – Cheating

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After spending the night at Enzo’s place, Valentin is still very depressed and struggling to recover from his breakup while his ex Bastien seems for his part to have turned the page and be happy in Leo’s arms.

When Enzo discovers that the new drummer that Sacha and Sam have recruited in his absence is none other than Bastien, Valentin’s ex, the tone quickly rises between the boys.

Sacha has secretly made a date with Axel, a guy he met on Instagram and he almost gets caught by his still jealous and possessive boyfriend Sam.

Bastien will try to have a discussion with Valentin to ease the tensions between them but Valentin does not seem ready to forgive his ex.

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After Sam nearly catches his boyfriend Sacha in an awkward position with his lover Axel, he goes out for a drink with Enzo. Sacha has promised to join them but he’s late and doesn’t respond to messages off Sam, who’s beginning to worry. Sam then decides to go back to the garage to look for Sacha.

When Sam opens the garage door, he comes face to face with Sacha and Axel hugging. Sam is flabbergasted by what he discovers and wants nothing to do with Sacha’s explanations, who tries to justify his infidelity. Sam leaves, devastated, shocked and very angry.

Sacha is already beginning to regret having cheated and he worries because Sam is unreachable and untraceable. It’s while looking for Sam at the “Happy Twinks” Café that Sacha meets Valentin who offers him a drink to calm down.

Sam seeks comfort from Enzo, when he suddenly has the idea of ??using his charm to manipulate his friend and take revenge on Sacha.

The next day, Bastien reveals to Sacha that a sex tape of which he’s the protagonist is circulating on the web and at university. Enzo makes fun about the situation but Sacha is really desperate and ashamed that his anatomy and his intimate life are thus revealed. Sacha has no doubt it was Sam who released the video for revenge.

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Crush – Mish Mash

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Sam, cheated by Sacha, seems to have no limits in his revenge plan and does not lack ideas to make his ex suffer. Enzo tries to reason with Sam, but he finds himself trapped by the secret that binds them and has no control over his friend who takes advantage of the situation.

Sacha regrets his infidelity and is depressed at not hearing from Sam. Fortunately, he can count on his new friend Valentin to support him and change his mind.

When Tom, Enzo’s cousin arrives unexpectedly, Sam’s eyes light up. He seems to have found another way to quench his thirst for revenge.

Although their relationship is still tense, Bastien and his ex Valentin seem to be getting closer and closer and Bastien will even help Valentin to find a job at “Happy Twinks”. Would Bastien still be in love with his ex?

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Fresh Start

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After getting closer to Valentin and spending a torrid time with him in the pool showers, Bastien can’t stop thinking about his ex and regrets their breakup.

In order to save their rock band, Enzo lectures Sam to put an end to his revenge plans against Sacha, but Sam doesn’t know how to put the pieces back together and fears his ex’s reaction.

After days without hearing from Sam, Sacha comes face to face with him at “Happy Twinks” and a violent argument breaks out between the two boys. Will Sam and Sacha manage to reconcile?

Thanks to Bastien’s help, Valentin has started working as a waiter at the “Happy Twinks” but the restaurant manager turns out to be very vicious.

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Since being harassed by an abusive and authoritarian boss, Valentin has behaved strangely that intrigues Sam and Sacha. The couple doesn’t fail to share Valentin’s unusual attitude with Bastien who then worries about his ex and decides to find out the reasons for this change.

After his stay in Nice, Tom is about to return home but his cousin Enzo asks him for one last favor before leaving and the relationship between the two cousins turns out to be even more ambiguous than it seemed.

Bastien submits Valentin to a real interrogation and he then discovers a terrible truth that will drive him crazy…

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