Welcome to Boarding School

French Twinks presents Justin Leroy and Doryann Marguet in Welcome to Boarding School (Bienvenue à l’Internat). Release date: October 15, 2018. Video duration: 28 minutes. Let’s look at guys!

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In this first episode of our new series “Boarding School Secrets” (Les Secrets de l’Internat), Justin Leroy, an adorable blonde guy is welcomed by Doryann Marguet, Principal of the school, who makes him visit his room.

Justin Leroy and Doryann Marguet

The rules of the boarding school are very strict and Mr. Marguet is happy to be zealous to impose his authority. The Principal searches the bag of his new boarder and discovers a pack of cigarettes that he confiscates immediately and a cutter hidden in the beauty case. These forbidden items will trigger the anger of Mr. Marguet who bitterly shout at Justin. Impressed the blond remains speechless and the Principal then begins a deep body search. He flips Justin’s pockets, grope his sexy body and pulls off his t-shirt. The protests of his young student will change nothin. Very soon our Marguet is determined to inspect every millimeter of his anatomy.

Poor Justin is quickly in underwear and strong Mr. Marguet doesn’t forget to put his hand to the bulge doing salacious comments. Under the whimsical pretext that Justin could hide drugs in his anus, Mr. Marguet decides to further deepen his investigations. He orders the twink to lean forward and then withdraws his underwear in a sudden gesture. Dazed but also excited by the situation as evidenced by his erection, Justin finally let the Principal do.

When Mr. Marguet shoves a finger in the rectum of Justin, the boy starts to moan and the Principal understands he could go further. After being fingered, Justin will suck Mr. Marguet before offering him his tight ass.

Lucky Doryann Marguet fucks Justin with energy and the twink moans louder and louder. After long minutes of intense sex he lies down the blonde on the bed and eats his little pink hole already opened by penetration. The over-excited Principal has not finished with the initiation of his new student and he fucks him again more wildly.

Justin is close to cum, but it’s Mr. Marguet who will first water him his face of a beautiful and thick ejaculation. Once his business is over Mr. Marguet orders Justin to clean the room and promises to see him again soon. Justin as dazed as excited ends by cumming jacking off in his bed.

Welcome to Boarding School – Bienvenue à l’Internat

More photos with Justin Leroy and Doryann Marguet (Bienvenue à l’Internat) on Boys V – https://www.boysv.com/welcome-to-boarding-school. Don’t miss this hottest video on French Twinks!

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