Vegas Pride Afterparty on Helix Studios

Helix Studios presents Joey Mills, Cole Claire, Cameron Parks and Ashton Summers in Vegas Pride Afterparty. Release date: November 16, 2017. Video duration: 23 minutes.


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Vegas Pride Afterparty

Join Cole Claire, Ashton Summers, Cameron Parks and Joey Mills party with thousands of young gay boys at Vegas Pride as the guys have a fantastic time dancing, drinking and taking pictures with fans. Gay Pride is always a great time, but the real fun always happens at the after parties. Really! Let’s look at boys! The fab four have a hotel suite together and while Ashton Summers and Joey Mills are playing pool, Cameron Parks is getting a sly suck job on the sofa.

Very soon our sexy pool players decide to up the excitement so Ashton bends Joey over the table and plants his own pool cue in Mills pretty pocket. Once our pervy pool players catch Cole and Cam looking at them cock eyed, they invite them to join in and the real party begins! A bareback fuck-a-thon of epic proportions around every hole in the pool table takes place with every cock combo you can imagine!

Dicks are licked while hot asses are filled with giant bareback boners in positions one usually only sees Olympic wrestlers in. There’s an extraordinary train bang that will leave you breathless. After the foursome use the pool table and couch for their dirty deeds, cock hungry Cole winds up getting wailed on the ottoman.

After a hard hammering, the guys gather around Cole and drown the boy with white hot cream from their three throbbing cocks in a orgasmic, oozing bukkake bonanza! Cole licks every cock drop he can, looking like a boy in desperate need of dick protein as Mills monster dangles down to the twink’s cum filled kisser. Housekeeping is gonna have one hell of a clean up on their hands, but we’re sure the boys left a great tip. They always do. Happy Pride indeed!

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