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8Teenboy presents Jared Scott and Adam Hunt in Park Date. Release Date: November 1, 2017. Video Duration: 37 minutes.


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Park Date

Let’s look at boys! It’s Jared Scott’s first date with new sexy boy Adam Hunt at a beautiful San Diego park. It’s a gorgeous sunny day with fantastic chemistry in the air and Adam is making sure Jared knows he’s totally into him with cute cuddles and wandering hands. Blond gay boy Hunt can’t take the sexy suspense and lays one on Jared’s kisser then mounts the young stud right there in the park. Really! Lucky Adam seems to like this position back at the house too! After some adorable teenage dry humping, Hunt goes for the gold and eats Jared’s giant jock like it’s his last meal.

Adam’s tight ass is extraordinary and we get a glorious view while he fucks Scott’s face. Scott’s dick is hard as stone and amazing Adam’s ass inhales every think, bareback inch in record time. From that devilishly delicious doggy style dick bang, Hunt gets back to his favorite riding position only this time with a gigantic pole up his hole.

Very soon Jared’s monster elicits massive moans of pleasure from happy Adam as he jacks his pretty blond twink torpedo while slamming his hole full force down onto our top boy’s balls. This cute gay boy can ride a cock! Worn out from working so hard, Hunt gets on his back and just enjoys the purity of getting balled while relaxing into every inch. After an anal workout, Adam grabs his groin and tosses tons of teen spunk onto his six pack. Scott whips his slick dick out and annihilates the beautiful blond with a barrage of nut blasts from his big horse cock. So hot! Don’t miss this video on 8Teenboy. More photos on Boys V – https://www.boysv.com/park-date.

Jared Scott and Adam Hunt

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