Stiff as a Board

Helix Studios ( presents Taylor Coleman and  Kurt Niles in Stiff as a Board. Video duration: 20 minutes. Release date: September 21, 2018. Let’s look at boys!

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Inspired by the movie “The Craft,” three buddies decide to dabble in the dark arts with a devilishly delicious dirty deed. When the seductive seance sends one guy running scared, Taylor Colman and Kurt Niles decide to ditch the dark arts and dabble in one another’s deep, dark holes! But, before they enter that final frontier, the perfect pair down each other’s dicks in a thirsty, deep throat, thrust-a-thon. Really!

With the taste of cock still on his tongue, happy Taylor takes a rough, raw ride on Niles’ massive weapon of ass destruction. His pretty boy face glazes over with the gorgeous glow of absolute pleasure mixed with just the right amount of “hurts so good” pain. Lucky Coleman rides Kurt’s colossal cock like a cowboy before switching it up so Niles can experience a naughty nailing from his thick throbber as well.

Stiff as a Board – Photos

You’ll find more photos with Taylor Coleman and  Kurt Niles on Boys V – Don’t miss this video on 8teenBoy!

Big cocked Kurt is an amazing top and can always sense when his fuck buds like to bust with a booty full of bone. So, the fine ass fuckers flip once more and Kurt pummels the kid’s can till his big, nut filled nads are spanking Taylor’s tight tush with every thrust. The full feeling sends Coleman’s cum careening through the air and splattering down onto his sizzling hot six pack. So hot! Kurt milks his massive main muscle, dousing his dirty blond dude’s freshly fired family jewels with a thick load of juicy jizz.

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