Elbows on Elbows

Max Carter spanks Tristan Adler in Elbows on Elbows at Spank This

Master Max Carter comes home to his pretty puppy, Sexy boy Tristan Adler being naughty fast asleep on the couch taking a midday nap. Not only is Adler fast asleep, but his daily chores aren’t done and the kitchen is destroyed. Really! Needless to say, Max is mad as hell and decides to teach poor Tristan a lesson by tanning his hide! Very soon he bends the boy over the dirty kitchen counter and dishes out a well deserved spanking to the bratty boy.


Then Max Carter removes the wrong doer’s jeans and shifts his spanking hand into high gear. Carter hikes the hottie’s black undies up into his crack wedgie style so he can see the bright red effects of his heavy handed efforts. Finally, fuck boy is fully naked and although his perfectly firm , plump posterior is red as a stop sign, Carter isn’t stopping. He keeps cracking at the boy’s cute red rump until he feels Adler’s learned his lesson. Max obviously took the correct cock stiffening approach, cause the minute his master exits the kitchen Tristan cleans the counter like a good little boy.

Max Carter spanks Tristan Adler

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